H3 House Coffee | Espresso Blend with Robusta

We are trying our hand at something new and are combining Arabica with Robusta beans. This leads to a whole new character. With strong body, long and dense finish and less acidity. We have taken our time with roasting these coffee beans. A lot of time. However, how much is a lot? Especially thinking of the time our partners in Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and India devote to growing and caring for the coffee plants. And how much time will you spend drinking this coffee?


Finca Santa Isabel, Santa Esperanza, Harley Estate, Caficultores Alto Cajamarca

Land of cultivation

Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Peru


Cocoa, Dark chocolate, Roasted Walnut


80% Arabica 20 % Robusta


natural, washed, anaerobic

Roasted for espresso

(€35.60 / 1 Kilogramm)
House Coffee | Espresso Blend with Robusta
It starts with the soil "Coffee"